What We Are Doing Right Now

Ashley M Resort Updates

It is the time of year we are getting put back together for the coming season. Here is what all the departments are up to right now!
Activities is busy planning and setting contracts for entertainment.
Housekeeping is busy deep cleaning, ordering new supplies, and keeping up with the daily usage.
Security is learning and training new employees and Bill Windham, the new head of security, is getting his bearings.
Stables is cleaning.
Grounds worked on Christmas lights, cutting firewood, and are currently upgrading the mini golf to make it more of a challenge.
Reservations is busy cleaning and reorganizing.
Maintenance is totally remodeling two RVs and put a new floor in one. They have replaced 10 hydrants and 5 pedestals, cleaned all water heaters and AC units. Repaired or replaced several ovens, microwaves and are preparing to replace floors in two lower condos and four uppers.
They have tuned up vehicles, repaired front axles, ball joints & tie rods. They have replaced tires, put new brakes on, worked on brake lines, and many vehicle maintenance issues. They are also looking for a new used pull truck and to trade in the mowers and hopefully to give Housekeeping two more vehicles.
We never have a dull moment in the off peak because it take all that time to prepare for the busy season!