Camping with Dogs

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Camping with your dog can seem like a challenging task. It can prove to be fun for both you and your fur baby though. You just need to make sure you have all the right supplies and safety features to make sure you and your puppy have a great time. I will outline a few products I have found to be beneficial while camping with your pup and some things that are an absolute must!
First, we will discuss items needed for safe travel to the campsite. The Seatbelt Harness- It’s like a seatbelt for your pooch! The harness provides range of motion while traveling and security in the case of a sudden stop. They also improve safety by reducing driver distraction. A handy walking leash attachment makes it easy to transition to and from the car. This will also keep your precious pup from bounding out the door as soon as it opens and running off to explore without you.

Now when you finally reach your destination safely you will need to consider how you are going to let your pup enjoy being outside and remain safe. There are many factors to consider such as other people, other animals, and dangers in the environment that your pup isn’t aware of. We suggest never allowing you pup outside without your accompaniment. A tie out will allow your dog to have a safe amount of freedom while you can relax outside with them. You will need to bring your own staking and line to allow the most freedom without being able to run off. Just remember it may keep your dog close it does not keep other animals away so always keep an eye on your pup’s safety.

We cannot forget that our pup needs to eat and drink (especially drink to avoid dehydration). You can get collapsible bowls to save much needed space when packing for camping trips. These bowls can easily clip to the outside of luggage to make them easily accessible when your pup needs a quick drink. It also prevents you from having a slobbery mess all over your stuff packed away. Make sure you pack plenty of food and water as well. Not all places will have clean fresh water for you or your pooch!

For the health of your four legged friends make sure they are up-to-date on all vaccinations. Also, a monthly flea, tick, and heart-worm regimen is recommended. A tick remover will be useful if the little monsters get past all defenses. For extra protection against these parasites consider packing insect repellent and collars. You may need to carry your vaccination records with you for some campsites. We suggest also having your pup microchipped and always wear a license, in case your friend gets lost or injured. Your pup will need to have a collar on at all times with its license. If they happen to run off this will be a godsend. A leash is also mandatory at most campsites.

Now for the fun stuff. You want your travel companion to be just as comfortable as you are while camping so do not forget a blanket or mat to sleep on. There are several on the market that are waterproof. There are also doggie sleeping bags! You may also consider packing an old towel to dry off after a day playing in the water (or after a bath because he wanted to play in the mud!). You absolutely do not want to forget to bring toys. You do not want your pup to get bored and chew a hole in your tent or sleeping bag!! A Frisbee makes for great fun with you and your pet. A treat dispensing toy is entertaining and engaging for you pup.

With all these tips even a beginner can camp with their fur baby! Have fun and share your favorite stories or camping tips in the comment section below! Happy Camping!