Family Fun at Lost Valley

Ashley M Everyone, Fun on the Resort, Owners Blog, Visitor

There are plenty of scheduled activities here at the resort to keep everyone busy. There is also plenty to do outside of the scheduled activities. Here is just a short list of ideas for family fun on the resort!
• Outdoor sports- There are areas to play outdoor sports scattered around the resort. We have disc golf course, tennis courts, horseshoes, and a soft ball field.
• Indoor Sports- Lake Expo houses many sports inside. We have volley ball, basketball, air hokey, pool, mini golf, and shuffle board.
• Entertainment- The Lake Expo also has book, board games, and a movie theater for your entertainment needs!
• Horseback riding- Over at the stable we have gentle horse and a ride that suits every age and skill level. Our educated instructors will make sure you are comfortable and safe!

Now we may have a lot to keep your family entertained but you can also have fun on your own. Here is a list of fun games that every family should play on their camping trips! You would not want to miss out on the bonding fun these games and activities provide!
• Nature scavenger hunt- A scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids interested in a nature walk. You can walk along the trail while the kids hunt for things on a list and check them off as they find them. Real nature lovers leave everything just as they find it and take a picture for a keepsake.
• Fairy houses- On a nature walk, collect interesting leaves, rocks, sticks, shells, feathers and other pretty things, and then build a tiny fairy house in the woods or brush near your campsite. A fairy house muse built someplace secluded because fairies are shy, and it should be attractive because fairies are very picky, aesthetically.
• Hide and seek- Hide and Seek is a different game at the campground than at home. The kids explore all the nooks and crannies of the campsite, find weird places to hide and get to know their surroundings.
• Glow in the dark bowling- To make the glowing pins all you have to do is place one or two activated glow sticks into each water bottle and put the lids back on. You can fill the pins with water if you want. To make the glowing bowling ball just tape the desired amount of glow sticks to the inside of the hamster ball, put it together and secure the side and lid with tape. That's it! Then it's time to PLAY!
There are thousands of games your family can play to keep entertained while camping. So get offline and splash into a good time at Lost Valley! Remember that no child remembers their best day of TV! Share your family fun activities with us in the comments below!