Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

Use safety pins to keep the fishing hooks in your tackle box organized.

Vacuum seal your first aid pack to keep it safe from water damage.

Foam earplugs can be used as a bobber. Marshmallows make a great bobber also.

Tic Tac containers work great for keeping sinkers and snaps in place and they are easy to open with slippery hands.

Keep your bobbers in one place. If you have loose bobbers rolling around your tackle box, put them in an egg carton. They will not roll around and will stay in place with the cover latched.

Stop new line from tangling. To get new line to conform to your reel, run a newly spooled reel under hot tap water for a minute or so. The heat will cause the line to form a memory of the reel, preventing tangles and twist later.

Glow in the dark bobbers. Spray your bobber with a glow in the dark paint and allow ample drying time before use.

Get rid of fish odor from Skin. Use soap and water for the grime and germs but running your wet hands over stainless steel will miraculously remove many odors from your skin. Whether you use a piece of cutlery, the faucet, the kitchen sink, or a steel bowl, a chemical reaction occurs and removes the odor causing molecules from your skin.

Seal Your Stinkbait. Silvery pouches (Capri Sun) that fruit juice comes can be reused to store stinkbait. They are airtight, waterproof, and more durable than a zip-seal plastic bag. Cut across the pouch directly under the straw hole, then wash, dry, and fill. Reseal the pouch with a heat tool, like a hair straightener or an iron set on medium, by running it across the top edge. You can cut a notch in the resealed edge for easy access on the water.

Keep salmon eggs on the hook with a little table salt. Have you ever wondered how to keep from losing your fresh salmon-egg bait to a strong current? Simply empty your jar of eggs on a saucer and sprinkle lightly with table salt. Return them to the jar and go fishing immediately. Your eggs will seem to have become "rubberized" and will stay on the hook.

Emergency Perch bait. Perch, like many fish, are cannibals. They have a particular taste for the eyeballs of their own kind. If you are in a bind for bait, you can remove the eyes of perch and use them to catch more. It's gross, but it works. The simplest way to remove the eye is with a panfish jig. Using the curved hook shaft like a scoop, push into the eye socket and pop the eye out. Slide it on a hook or onto the jig and continue fishing