Springtime Weather Precautions

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Springtime is a wonderful time of the year, but it can be very dangerous.  April showers bring May flowers….. but it also brings thunderstorms and tornados.  Here is a few tips and things to keep in mind as the season is amongst us.


Always be AWARE.  Keep an eye on the forecast.

Your safety is your responsibility.  “Taking personal responsibility” means your safety depends primarily on your own actions. Don’t wait around for anyone else to tell you when or where to go when severe weather hits.

Know your nearest shelter or evacuation route.

Know your locations address.

Know what COUNTY you are in. 

Prepare the outside of your RV or campsite.  Reduce the risk of damage by putting away things that can blow around.

Don’t try and outrun a surprise storm. If you’ve waited too long and/or get caught by a surprise storm – don’t panic.

Stay calm. Don’t panic.

Use common sense.

Seek shelter long before things get really bad. Nothing you own is worth saving more than yourself and your family.

Don’t underestimate lightning, yes, it’s pretty but is very dangerous.

Strait line winds can be as dangerous as a tornado.  Use precaution.