The Camping State of Mind August 11, 2018

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Macy, and I am the social media coordinator for Lost Valley Lake Resort. One of my opportunities is to write a blog to give some insight, education, and even sometimes just provide updates about the Resort.

For those that enjoy the camping/Rv life, you may have noticed that people who enjoy these things are like one, big community. You’ll notice RV and tent camp neighbors helping each other in times of need such as the sudden onset of severe weather, or in a medical emergency. You might also notice that at some parks (such as Lost Valley Lake Resort), the staff is a monumental part of that community. You’ll notice that when there is a problem, staff members are eager to assist campers in any way possible, including the need for unexpected RV repairs, leveling, spotting on & off trailers, electrical and water issues, etc. One thing is true, as with any community, there is always room to make new friends.

Memories in the Making:

Since I have come on board with Lost Valley Lake Resort, I have learned a few things about this camping community myself. The first thing is that most people want to relax and have a memorable experience, and by that I mean, to make memories that will truly last a lifetime. Whether camping groups are a family, friends, or a couple, it seems that most want to enjoy the outdoors, and have a good time! I remember camping with my parents and sister growing up, right here at Lost Valley Lake Resort. I remember the long walks with my mother to the lake, the pool, and to Lake Expo (which was the Sports Arena back then). I remember my father cooking for us on the fire, and barbeque pits, and teaching me how to swim. I remember making friends from all over, some of which I still communicate with. I remember us all renting paddle boats and being out on the lake for hours. Those memories will be there for the rest of my life, as we truly made the memories of a lifetime!

Ease of Communication:

The second thing that I have learned is that making new friends is easy at Lost Valley Lake Resort. From kids meeting others at the pool or lake, adults meeting their neighbors at their sites, attending a planned activity with other campers, or our scheduled potlucks where everyone comes together for a meal on the Resort. The possibilities for new friends are endless in a place like Lost Valley Lake Resort! The staff who work hard to make their experience easier, and extraordinary, love making new friends as well! Yes, some campers will even bring others out of their shells, and this creates a great time for everyone!

Coming out on Top:

The third thing that I have learned is that campers are the nicest, and most outgoing people on the planet. Camping is tough sometimes. It’s hard to plan for the perfect weather for the trip, to keep the kids entertained and behaved, to make an experience more incredible. Sometimes things don’t go as intended, but campers seem to have it all figured out, and can continue with their plans no matter what kink is thrown their way.

Show Us Your Gadgets:

One more thing that I have learned is that campers have some of the coolest toys! From camping crafts to cool RVs to other interesting gizmos, gadgets, and accessories. This leads others to ask about their “stuff” and also can create relationships beyond the ones they already have with their camping party.

We Are All Connected:

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that campers are some of the most interesting people in the world. They come from all over, have very diverse backgrounds, and all enjoy the same thing—CAMPING! They have a community all their own. I think it would even be safe to say that they are a FAMILY! When camping, you are sure to meet new people, you are sure to have to think outside the box, and you are sure to have a good time, no matter where you decide to do it!