Planning Ahead When Camping With Kids August 25, 2018

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Whether we are planning a week long trip, or even a small weekend getaway, the idea of camping with children can be a little overwhelming at times. I have compiled a list of things that can help make camping trips more enjoyable when camping as a family. As parents, we like to be prepared for mishaps before they happen, so we can make sure that things go smoothly when we are camping with our kids and pets. Planning ahead can also ensure that we have a plan in case things go awry!

1) Make a checklist well in advance to your trip. This list can be items to pack such as clothing, food, and other essential items. Click on the link to download and print a simple checklist.

Others like to create their own checklist. However you choose to prepare, it is a good idea to plan ahead for your trip.

2) Choose the right place. Lost Valley Lake Resort is the perfect place to camp with children whether you choose to camp in your own RV, rent one of ours, or set up a tent! In choosing your place to camp, you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of activities (rain or shine) to keep the kids busy and entertained. Some activities may include telling stories by the campfire, making s’mores, watching for animals, catching fireflies, etc. Lost Valley Lake Resort has tons of activities planned every single day of the week, so if you have some trouble coming up with your own ideas, try one of ours! Click on the link to download and print a scavenger hunt for the kids while you are here.

3) Plan your meals. Kids can be picky eaters. Sit down with your family prior to your camping trip to decide on the meals you will have while camping. There are many different options from hot dogs and hamburgers, to foil packs, to more elaborate meals. There is a multitude of information on websites such as Pinterest for camping recipes that can be easy to make, and cheap to buy the ingredients. We even have some recipes on our recipe corner located on the  I have included the link to Lost Valley Lake’s Pinterest page for easier access to some of these recipes. Click on the link to see all of the LVL boards.

4) Prepare for bad weather. We have all looked at that extended forecast to make sure the weather would be nice for our planned activities. But, living in the Midwest, we also know that there are many times that the forecast said it would be nice, but mother nature had her own plans. The best way to prepare for this is to bring items even if you think you won’t need them such as ponchos, long pants, long sleeves, etc. My father always said “It’s better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

5) Plan to have fun! Planning a camping trip can be exhausting! The key is to plan plenty of time in advance, so when it’s time to go on your trip, you have nothing to worry about except having fun with your family. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things going as planned that we forget why we are doing something in the first place. The goal is to experience something with our children that they will remember forever. In planning ahead, we can make sure that we have all the “parent stuff” taken care of, so we can do the “fun stuff” with our children.

In conclusion, if you plan ahead for your trip, you can be better prepared for situations of all kinds. Having everything done prior to leaving on your trip can also enhance your experience because you’ll have more time to spend making memories rather than stressing about the things that you didn’t plan for.