Campground Etiquette September 8, 2018

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We all love Lost Valley Lake Resort! We have tons of RVs, RV Sites, tent sites, and even a few Tee Pees to choose from. Since we offer all those things, there are often times when the park is packed! Did you know that there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do while camping? I’m not talking about Resort rules, I’m talking about simple camping etiquette, which you could use wherever you find yourself camping. I’m here to lay it out there for you.

1) Clean up after yourself. Nobody likes to clean up after a group has left an area. In cleaning up after ourselves, we ensure that we leave the site the way we found it—beautiful! Nature isn’t like it is at home; if we trash it, there is no one to clean it up, which is why it is so important to clean up our own messes. There are appropriate trash receptacles on site. Leaving food out at the site may also attract animals that you may not want to visit you. This also applies to pets. If you camp with your pet, be sure to clean up after it to avoid a mishap later. A good rule to follow is: Take out what you bring in.

2) Put out your fire. Summer time is especially dry in this area, making it easy for an unattended campfire to quickly get out of control. Make sure to extinguish your fire before calling it a night, or before leaving your site unattended to avoid starting a much bigger fire. Also avoid using your campfire as a trash can. Some items do not burn, and therefore trash is left behind after you leave the site.

3) No Cutsies! Be sure to avoid cutting through someone else’s campsite. Just like you, their site is their personal space, their home away from home. By cutting through someone else’s campsite, you are intruding into their personal space, and nobody likes to feel violated. One thing you could do is ask permission first. Not only will you avoid being intrusive, but you might make a new friend!

4) Adhere to the quiet time. At Lost Valley Lake Resort, quiet time is 11pm-8am, but some other places have different guidelines. Be sure to find out when those times are. By adhering to the quiet time rules, you are showing respect to your neighbors, and ensuring that you do not disturb them. Be mindful that voices carry in the night time hours.

6) Is it too much light? Keep in mind that not everyone on a campground stays up late. Be mindful of your lights at your site. Remember that too much light can keep your neighbors up at night and make for a weekend of tension. Turn your lights off before going to sleep or leaving your site.

7) Know the rules. When visiting Lost Valley Lake Resort, or any other place, make sure to go over the rules with those that will be in your group. Make sure that everyone knows them, and follows them. Respecting the rules can allow you and your group to have a more enjoyable experience.

8) The most important rule. Make new friends! Everyone who camps has something in common—we love camping. We all want to create memories with our families, and we all want to look back on these times throughout our lives. Whether it’s a short, weekend trip, or a long trip, we all want to create memories. Camping is a great opportunity to meet other people—the original social networking. Introduce yourself to your camping neighbors when checking in, as this is an easy way to start the trip off on a positive note.

What’s the Point?
The point of all of these “rules” are to show each other respect while camping. When campers are respectful, everyone has a good time. In looking back on things, we would much rather remember the fun and exciting times, instead of the time “dad got into a fight with the neighbor at the campground, and we had to go home early”. Camping etiquette is typically just common-sense stuff. When we keep those little things in mind, we usually have a much better experience.