Why Camping in the Fall is the Best at LVL

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Summer is officially over. For some, Fall means the end of the camping season. For others, it means that they are just getting started! Camping in the Fall season comes with its own obstacles, but also yields many rewards. At Lost Valley Lake Resort, we have an abundance of beautiful scenery in the Fall, and have activities that are geared toward the Fall season. I have included some tips to help you prepare for your Fall camping trip, and some rewards of visiting us in the Fall.

The Tips

1) Prepare for Warmth.

Pack clothing that you can layer easily, even if the weather is expected to be warm. Make sure that you prepare for the chilly nights, and the increase of moisture by investing in items that will help shield your camp from rain, wind, etc. Keep moving by doing activities as this will increase your core body temperature.

2) Remember that you will have less light.

The days are shorter in the Fall than in the Summer. This means that you will have less light from the Sun. You can prepare by bringing flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, etc. Don’t forget the extra batteries and fuel for your light sources.

3) Wildlife in the Fall.

Remember that some wild animals also mate in the Fall. Give wildlife their space, but also protect yourself by keeping your trash picked up, food stored away, and be aware of your surroundings while understanding that some animals may be more aggressive in preparation for the Winter season.

4) Be safe!

As temperatures drop, the risk of Hypothermia increases. Be sure to stay warm and dry. Bring extra clothing to ensure that you are doing so. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Let someone else know where you are going, and never go off alone. Prepare to stay longer than expected.

The Rewards

1) The BEAUTIFUL Fall color changes

Lost Valley Lake Resort offers some of the best Fall scenery. There really isn’t a place around that is more beautiful if fall scenery is what you are looking for!

2) The weather is more ideal.

No more sticky, sweaty nights! Fall offers more enjoyable weather, which helps us to be happy campers. Warm days with chilly nights make for a great atmosphere to enjoy some of the many outdoor amenities that we have to offer!

3) Smaller Crowds.

For some, Labor Day is the final Hoorah for the camping season. This means that there are less people on campgrounds than during the heart of the Summer season. This also means that the campground is likely quieter. This also means you may get a prime spot that was unavailable all Summer long.

4) Animal activity is on the rise.

Wildlife in the Fall can be truly amazing. Many animals are preparing for the Winter season, and some are amid their mating season in the Fall. Wildlife will be busier because of those reasons. The animals are beautiful to watch in the refuge of Lost Valley Lake Resort.


In the Fall, there are less insects pestering. You can enjoy a meal outside with your family and have some fun outdoors without the bother of flies and mosquitos.

6) Warm Fires.

We sometimes try to avoid building a good fire during the Summer. Why? Because it’s already hot and miserable! Fall is the prime time to build a perfect fire and snuggle up with your loved ones next to it. At Lost Valley Lake Resort, we have a hayride/bonfire almost weekend throughout the Fall season! Remember the 3 F's: Fires, Food, Friends!


October at Lost Valley Lake Resort is filled with Halloween activities, decorations, and fun! If you haven't done so, make sure to come see us any weekend in October to have some Family Halloween Fun. We have everything from Trick or Treating, to Costume Contests, to fun Halloween games, to Haunted Hayrides! There is something for everyone, even the pets!

Join us for the spectactular Fall Season at Lost Valley Lake Resort!

In conclusion, Fall can be the prime time to enjoy the outdoors without the sticky, sweaty, miserable Missouri Summer weather, and Lost Valley Lake Resort is the best place to enjoy it. Fall is a time to bring the family together and enjoy nature. Fall is also a time to gear up before the Holiday season, and can be a time to reflect on all the memories made with our loved ones. If you haven’t planned a Fall camping trip before, you’re missing out! Lost Valley Lake Resort would love to share its Fall beauty with you!


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