These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

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At Lost Valley Lake Resort, there is so much going on all the time! When I ask Owners what their favorite thing about LVL is, I never get a response entailing one particular thing—it is ALWAYS a plethora of favorites! I have compiled a list of the things that I hear the most often for your reading pleasure.

Family First!

Lost Valley Lake Resort is a prime family-friendly atmosphere. We plan all sorts of activities that the entire family can enjoy all year long, every day of the week! When Owners visit other resorts and campgrounds they run into a couple of differences.

The first is that many other resorts don’t offer any activities at all. At other places, you must entertain yourself. You might find that other places have a basketball court, or softball field, etc, but they do not offer planned activities. At LVL, our recreation staff has a planned activity just about every time of day, throughout the week and weekends. These activities are designed to help our Owners and guests meet other people, and have some options rather than having to plan out your own activities to do as a family.

The other difference is that if other places do offer activities, they are often not family-friendly events. For example, some resorts offer floating, and other activities. If you’ve ever been on a float trip in the Ozarks in Missouri, you know that more times than not, there can be a lot of things happening that are not necessarily good for the kiddos. Not to say that all float trips are that way, but it happens. At LVL we strive to provide a family friendly atmosphere everywhere you go. Occasionally there will be adult-only events, and we plan ahead for most of those to ensure that parents are aware that an event is catered toward adults only.


There is nothing that we love more than to talk to our Owners and Guests face to face while they are here on the Resort! I have noticed that our Owners also really enjoy the ability to communicate with staff regularly. Communication is key. When we are able to have a conversation to address an issue or even to talk about something spectacular that happened, everyone goes away happy. Sometimes things happen and life circumstances make that face to face impossible. So, we offer a variety of communication platforms.

First, a phone call is always welcome. Sometimes an Owner may call a staff person, and they may be off that day. Sometimes, messages get lost in the shuffle (not very often but it does happen). The patience of our Owners is fantastic! They understand that not everyone is on the resort at all times, and that their phone call will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Next, we also offer an email address for customer service related questions, comments, and concerns. That email address is Those emails are handled by Assistant Resort Manager Leanna, and are always addressed.

Finally, we offer answers to questions, comments, and concerns on many different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkdIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and on our website at! I personally handle those inquiries, and always turn them over to management in the event that I do not have an answer, or when it is a complicated situation.

We take every question, comment, and concern seriously, and we make it our goal to ensure that no question goes unanswered.


One of the things that I hear about the most is the appreciation for our staff! Owners enjoy that our staff is here to help make their experience more enjoyable. LVL Staff makes things easier from the housekeeping staff ensuring that our rentals have everything they need, to our maintenance staff helping Owners and guests with any issue that they may have while here, to reservations staff setting Owners up for a good experience by offering friendly service and answering questions regarding just about anything you can think of, to Management shaping every department into the best that they can be! There are many different teams that work together to do the same job, but not many people realize that all departments help each other to continue the fluidity of the resort. Everyone is willing to help each other out, no matter what the issue at hand is. LVL staff members are truly one big team!

Our Favorite Things!

Staff at Lost Valley Lake Resort have a few of their favorite things too!

First, our absolute most favorite thing is our Owners and Guests. Without the Owners and Guests, we do not have a resort. We love interacting and having fun with you every single day!

Next, we love that we get to have fun while we are at work! Since we are in the business of fun, we get to share in making memories on the resort! Some of our best memories have happened while working here at LVL! We’ll never forget “that one time at LVL…”

Next, we get to meet the best people on the planet! Our Owners and Guests venture to LVL from all over the place. We have even had some visitors from Canada! People of all walks of life and with many different cultures choose our resort to make the best memories.

Last, we learn a lot about others, and about ourselves by assisting our Owners and Guests with anything and everything that they need while on the resort. We get to develop our “Heart of Service”, our “Fun-Loving Attitudes”, and our “Gladiator Spirits” all while making your stay memorable.

In conclusion, Lost Valley Lake Resort is the place to be for fun every day of the year! Whether you are young or old, Owner or Staff, etc we have a good time no matter what we are doing at LVL! From planned activities to doing your own thing, we have you covered. If you have something to share, feel free to contact us on one of the outlets listed above!