Beating the Heat

Dusty Everyone, Owners Blog, Visitor

Missouri in the summertime can be brutal. We have everything from rain to heat and humidity. It can be difficult to keep cool in this summertime sauna. I have included some tips to help you and your family stay cool this Summer while you enjoy your camping trip with your family and friends.

WATER IS OUR FRIEND! My mom used to tell me this all the time growing up. It’s true. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when you are enjoying the outdoors. Our bodies are made of about 60% water, making it so important to stay hydrated. Compare your body to your car or truck. Our vehicles need coolant to run properly. If our vehicles overheat, they will not function the way they are supposed to. This is also true of our bodies.
Colors and fabrics matter. We have all heard it before- dark colors absorb the sunlight and light colors reflect it. By wearing light colored clothing, you are allowing the sunlight to reflect rather than absorb, keeping your body cool.
Something else to remember when packing clothing is the type of fabric and styles of the clothing. Wearing loose and light fabrics that breathe and release heat will help you stay cool in the summer. Making sure to wear plenty of sunscreen will also help you stay cool when you have skin that will be exposed to the sunlight.
How many bags of ice do you use in your cooler when you camp? Did you know that if you freeze jugs of water prior to your trip, you can use that instead of bagged ice? Frozen jugs of water can serve a couple of different purposes. Frozen jugs of water take much longer to melt that ice cubes in the cooler. This will keep your drinks, and food items cooler longer. When they do melt, you can use that same jug for drinking water. You can also put a frozen jug in the bottom of your sleeping bag at night to help keep you cool overnight.
Use a sheet instead of a sleeping bag. Yes, we love our sleeping bags for a few different reasons. They are very convenient and keep things out that we don’t want snuggling with us. Sleeping bags also trap heat, can be very heavy, and prevent the breeze from flowing. When the forecast calls for high heat and humidity, try using a cotton sheet instead of a sleeping bag. A sheet can provide enough warmth for you to be comfortable but can also help keep you cool.
Try to sleep when it’s dark. When the sun comes up in the morning, temperatures can climb rapidly. Trying to sleep in may be difficult as temperatures increase. If you sleep when it’s dark, you will be sleeping during the coolest part of the day.
Check out the amenities! No matter if you choose to camp at LVL or visit other campgrounds, check out the amenities! At LVL we have many different places to cool off. You can visit the Lake to swim or take a kayak or paddleboat. The Aquatics Center has 2 indoor pools that allow you to swim, but you can also stay out of direct sunlight. Lake Expo has a new outdoor pool with plenty of space to cool off! Taking a break from the outdoors and going inside for a little while can help you cool off. Lake Expo is air conditioned and has tons of activities for everyone in the family such as mini golf, arcade, indoor basketball & volleyball courts, etc. Purdy’s at LVL is also air conditioned, and they offer ice cream, cold drinks, and food. Grab a bite and cool off for a little while!
Staying cool on your camping trip is essential! Pay attention to your body and your family and friends. If you notice signs of getting too hot, be sure to cool down. Being proactive in staying cool in the summer will help you enjoy your trip!