Help Us Help You

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While most enjoy the time they spend at LVL, there are some Owners and visitors that experience something that is unsatisfactory to them. Here are some tips and suggestions to help us help you have a more enjoyable experience!

Has an employee “wowed” you? Did they go out of their way to assist you? Did they demonstrate a good attitude? Were they friendly? WOW nomination cards can be found throughout the resort and are filled out by an Owner whenever they feel they have been “WOWED” by an LVL employee. Each month there is a “WOW” card drawing for those nominated. This helps us reward employees who are doing a good job, and making an impact on the Resort.

Did you know that you can volunteer when you are on the Resort? We welcome extra help! This is your resort, and when you own something, it makes sense to take care of your investment. Owners can speak with staff at the Reservations office, who will then find out where the help is needed!

When you leave your home to come to LVL you turn your lights off, prepare your thermostat for your absence, turn off other items such as televisions and radios. Why wouldn’t you do the same when you leave YOUR resort? Saving electricity on the resort is just as important as doing so at your home! When lights are left on, air conditioners are left on, and other electrical items are not being turned off prior to you departure, the amount of electricity used increases. As things like that increase, so does the amount that you pay to use the resort! Help us help you keep you costs down, by ensuring that electrical items are turned off when they aren’t being used.

Got wet towels? Make sure to hang them up to dry. When Owners leave them crumpled in the floor, they start to mildew, causing our housekeeping staff to work harder. If they are dry, place them in one of the pillow cases before you leave. Owners are also asked to place bed linens in another pillow case. This allows housekeeping staff to quickly change them out, clean the unit, and make sure it is ready by check-in time.

What else can you do?

There are many things that you can do to help staff help you! When leaving one of our rental units, ensure that the dishes are clean and don’t have food left on them.

Sweep the floors, and take the trash to the dumpster. By doing all of this, housekeeping staff can get through the units quicker, and you will be able to check in sooner! You can also help by picking up trash that you see on the resort.

If you see something, say something! If you see something happening on the resort that shouldn’t be, alert any staff member! We can’t help if we don’t know there is a problem. As always, you can speak with Operations Manager, Leanna in the reservations office, or send an email to