While we were staying at home during COVID-19……

Macy Everyone, Owners Blog, Visitor

It feels good to work toward a new normal! While we were all doing our part to flatten the COVID curve, by staying in our homes, social distancing and missing our LVL family, there were things happening.

The COVID-19 pandemic had an effect on staff and owners alike. While overnight reservations & public buildings had to be closed to follow the 10 person or less rule, owners were still able to use the resort for solitary activities such as fishing, hiking, walking, etc. while maintaining the 6’ social distance requirement. LVL operated with a bare minimum crew as most employees were furloughed when the Governor placed the stay-at-home order in effect on April 1 to allow for the curve to be flattened. Select departments such a reservations & financial services had one employee each to answer questions & schedule reservations for later dates. A few management, IT and maintenance employees remained to finish projects and be on hand for any emergency situations that could arise. While security remained around the clock to keep the resort grounds and any remaining guests safe. Fortunately, I was able to work from home allowing us to keep up with website and all social media platforms which continue to share resort information with our valued Owners.

During this time a few projects have been underway… The Aquatics Center got a facelift, with painting going on inside & out, major ceiling bands replaced, hot tubs from Lake Expo Pool were moved to replace the built in tubs that weren’t working properly… but have no fear, a new hot tub will be in place at LE Pool soon. IT has installed a new emergency phone outside at LE Pool to maintain owner safety. Several rental RV’s were relocated from the 600 hill, leveled & re-rocked for beautiful campsites overlooking Riata Lake. Many roads were graded and being prepped for warmer weather repairs. IT Staff has been hard at work preparing the grounds & installing phase 1 of fiber optic cables to carry our technology into the future. Interior condo facelifts have been ongoing, Condo buildings 7 & 8, units 51-74 received some new furniture, upgraded mattresses & TV’s. COVID-19 did not stop Spring from happening or the grass from growing… remaining staff on hand began Spring clean-up, putting down mulch & kept the grass well-manicured.  

From a business standpoint every decision we were faced with was a tough one but doing our part to flatten the curve, keep our staff and Owners healthy was our #1 priority. We’re looking forward to getting the full staff back sooner than later to prepare for the Summer season. Although the new normal may be different than we’re used to it still feels good that we can get back out & enjoy the resort we love so much even though we have to do it from 6’ apart.

We are excited to see all of our friends again and look forward to a Summer of making memories!