4 Do It Yourself Tips for Decorating Your RV for Halloween.

Dusty Everyone, Owners Blog, Visitor

1. RV-Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas

A staple of Halloween decorative tradition, pumpkin carving ideas are a must. So far my favorite this year from my forays into Pinterest is the RV plus mini-camper combo. Flip two oblong pumpkins on their side and use a stem as the hitch that connects them. Then carve up the sides to add doors, headlights, etc.

2. Campsite Competition

Since such an ordeal is going to require a little more ammunition, you’re definitely going to need some pro-tips. If you planned weeks in advance you could do some wacky theme-related stuff. But it’s the day before Halloween so what I’d suggest is you procure some old white t-shirts or sheets, those nifty (and relatively cheap) cobwebs from party supply stores, a couple of yards of rope, a variety of rocks, and one massive pumpkin.

Make ghosts from the sheets, nooses from the rope, gravestones from the rocks and cobwebs from the, uh, cobwebs. This may not seem all that inventive or spooky, but if you set it up just right it’ll be terrifying, especially at night. What’s the pumpkin for? Hollow that sucker out, put it on your head, and dress somewhat like a scarecrow. Sit extremely still with a bowl of candy on your lap. Yeah, you see where this is going; you’re going to traumatize some people tomorrow night.

3. Do It Yourself

Well, duh! You might be thinking to yourself. But some people need to hear it. My mom raised my family on homemade costumes. She made a flipping horse body out of brown fabric that could be cinched around my brother’s waist so he could be a horseback riding cowboy.

No, you don’t have to go that hard, but you should make an attempt to at least take those store bought props and costumes and make them into something that is your own. That is if you take Halloween seriously enough to care, which you should, because, live a little. We can’t be grown-ups every day.

4. The RV Itself

Ah, the main object of our affection. What can we do that doesn’t involve paint or decisions that we’ll regret? Get creative. Do you have a protruding sunroof/exit hatch on top of your RV? Put some eyes and a mouth made out of construction paper on the back of your vehicle and that bump could look like the knob on top of a LEGO-man’s head. And then every kid that saw the LEGO movie (read: every kid) will love you.

Bitter memories with LEGOs after stepping on one too many? OK, make it look like Frankenstein instead. Or Domo. Or anything else with a weird square-shaped head. Other options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Just cover the thing in a variety of lights. Everyone likes lights.
  2. Put some kind of human-shaped cutout in one of the windows and backlight it. Guaranteed to induce terror.
  3. Fake blood--most washes off relatively easy. That being said, it might be in poor taste…
  4. Oh! One more for the box-shaped head! Make it look like Optimus Prime and just play a loop of Transformers quotes over and over again.

So, hopefully one or many of those ideas will help you out in this final witching hour before the big day. Remember, the most important part of Halloween: CANDY! Be well stocked (pro-tip, though, keep a couple alternative goodies to give out for any kid that might have allergies or other health issues related to sugar/candy).