Entrance Expansion

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The entrance expansion is coming along. Concrete was poured for the curbs and there has been some more clearing that has been completed. The new LVL sign has been installed and will be lit up at night! Grass seed has been planted at the entrance! There is always constant progress on the Entrance Expansion! Check back here for more updates!

De-Winterizing Your RV

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You already know what to do to get your rig ready for the winter season, but do you know what to do to get it ready for the spring and summer camping seasons? I have compiled a list of things to remember when preparing your rig for the prime camping season. As always, our friendly maintenance staff at LVL will …

Leave No Trace

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Do you know what the “Leave No Trace Principles” are? If you do, then you are ahead of the game! If not, I’m here to explain them! Basically, the principles help us to understand why and how we should leave no trace when out in nature—this includes camping! I’ll start by providing a little background on this movement, and where …

Camp Cooking Made Simple

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Campfire cooking can be a little tricky. I have great news! IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! Campfire cooking can be made much more simple with a little work. I have compiled some information and steps to help you spend less time during your camping trip cooking, and a little more time making memories! 1) Get Organized! First, make a meal …

Pet-Friendly Camping Tips

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Many of us have pets. Most of us like to camp. Some campers choose to have someone pet-sit for them while they are away, but a lot of campers choose to bring their pets with them on their trips. How do we make sure that we and our pets have a fun experience while camping? I have collected some information …

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

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At Lost Valley Lake Resort, there is so much going on all the time! When I ask Owners what their favorite thing about LVL is, I never get a response entailing one particular thing—it is ALWAYS a plethora of favorites! I have compiled a list of the things that I hear the most often for your reading pleasure. Family First! …

RV Winterization and Why You Should Consider It

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What the heck is RV Winterization? The concept of RV Winterization is actually pretty simple. Basically, it is preparing your rig for the winter months to avoid damages caused by the dropping temperatures. If you plan to head South for the Winter, this may not apply to you. However, if you plan on storing your RV in the Midwest, there …

Why Camping in the Fall is the Best at LVL

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Summer is officially over. For some, Fall means the end of the camping season. For others, it means that they are just getting started! Camping in the Fall season comes with its own obstacles, but also yields many rewards. At Lost Valley Lake Resort, we have an abundance of beautiful scenery in the Fall, and have activities that are geared …