ID Cards



Stop at Reservations to have your card made or for card replacements. Proper identification required for all cards and ID's.


Owner's Cards -  $5.00
Replacement fee - $13.00

Associate Cards - $130.00 Annually
Replacement Fee - $13.00

This card is optional for associates 20 years of age and older. If an associate intends to use the resort only when the owner is on property, the card will not be necessary. However, it will be required for any visit when the owner is not present. This cardholder is entitled to bring one guest family.

Junior Associate Cards - $90.00
Replacement Fee - $13.00
This card is optional for kids living at home ages 18-20.

Minor Cards: - $13.00
Replacement Fee - $13.00                                                   This card is optional for associates between the ages  13-17 and is for identification and to check out equipment. Children under the age of 13 must still be accompanied by an adult while on the resort. This card will also provide the same ease of accessing the amenities as the associate card above.

Temporary ID's: Who can get a temporary ID? Associates who have not purchased the annual card. Owner must be present for associate to get card. $5.00 per day, 2 times per year.
Associates who have purchased an annual card but forgot their card. $2.00 per day, no limit
Grandparents who are authorized by written letter to bring under age 18 associates to the resort must get a temporary ID to check out equipment and for identification.
$5.00 per day, no limit

Associate's Children (13 years or older) may obtain temporary ID when on property with parents/grandparents for checking out equipment and for identification. This ID is not for entrance into the resort. *Must be accompanied by the associate or owner. $2.00 per day, no limit.