• No matter the level of ownership, 3 or more referral tours, Owner receives a FREE 3 day 2 night stay in a Condo OR FREE Spot on/Spot off of your RV
  • Owner Escorted tours receive $50
  • Every Referral purchase, Owner receives $250 CASH!
  • The Ultimate Payout: with 3 or more referral purchases, 2021 dues are paid in full!!

(See Rules of Participation for Details)

Participation in our referral program or acceptance of any referral money or prizes will allow us to use your name for advertising/publicity purposes.

Referrals must be full-time resident of Missouri or Illinois, at least 25 years of age, presently employed with a sustainable income. If married, both husband and wife must attend and cannot have toured within 24 months. Children of owners are not eligible to tour. Associate owners may participate by sending in referrals and receive payout from program. All referrals must be pre-qualified and have a scheduled appointment for a tour. 1 escorted tour per visit. 1 referral per household/address. In order for you to receive payment, your referral must give us your name before or at time of sale. For payment referral sale must be past recension period with at least 10% down payment and in good standing. Payments processed in approximately 6 weeks. If a Pender purchase, contract must come good before owner payout is processed.

    Referral #1:

    Referral #2:

    Referral #3:

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